Mr. Dale Akin

Dale was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Hyles-Anderson College in 1994 with a B.S. in church ministries, he and his wife moved to California where he served as the Assistant Pastor at Arlington Baptist Church in Richmond for 4 years. At this time he and his family moved back to the Cleveland area. While attending and serving in the church, sinful behavior which turned into an addiction was crippling and damaging his walk with God.

This resulted in a decision to come to Rockford to the Men’s School of Discipleship in 2003. After completion of the program Dale returned to his home and served at his church faithfully for the next 8 years. In April of 2012 he became Asst. Steward at the Men’s Home in Rockford IL and in June of 2012 became the Interven-tion Mentor and held that position for 4 years.

A brain injury (concussion), in the summer of 2016 brought a change of position and he became a pastoral assistant for several months while recovering and then assumed his current position as assistant to Ben Burks in February 2017 for the chapter development of RU. Dale currently lives in Rockford, IL with his wife, Arischa and their five children.