Mr. Mike Shaffer

Mike Shaffer accepted Christ as his Saviour as an eight year old child. Having grown up attending public schools followed by secular college, he always wondered if God would ever bring the “right one” into his life. By time his early 30s rolled around, God had answered his prayers when he met the woman he would marry while touring Christian colleges with his Pastor, Pastor's wife and teens from his church.

Though he is now married with three children, he still well remembers well the struggle that living a Christian life as a single person can be. Three years ago God called he and his wife Jeannie into the ministry of encouraging those that are single in their walk with the Lord while overcoming difficulties common to singles such as loneliness and temptation.

Mike has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Akron in 1994 and holds a degree in Theology from Lighthouse Baptist Ministry Institute from 2004.