Teen Ministry:

Our Purpose:

To lead teenagers to Christ, help them grow spiritually, prepare them for life, and equip them to serve Him by: teaching Bible principles, training in ministry involvement, and modeling Christian living. We do this in a church environment that is safe, exciting, and encouraging.

Our Method:

Our teen program teaches teenagers to have a personal walk with God and to think for themselves. This is accomplished through daily Bible reading and prayer programs, weekly memorization of key Scriptures, and Sunday morning and Wednesday night teen services. During these services we encourage teen fellowship and camaraderie by playing games, we worship the Lord through prayer time and singing, and we teach life changing lessons directly from the pages of God's Word. No teenager will come through our ministry without the opportunity to learn music, play sports, and get involved in various ministries of our church. (bus ministry, choir, orchestra, ushering etc...)

Our Activities:

In addition to our weekly services, our youth group stays vibrant by having at least one activity every month. Some of these include week-long camps, several-day conferences, one-day youth rallies, and others like trips to the Children's hospital for Christmas, bowling, laser tag etc... Through these activities our teenagers learn not only how to conduct themselves as Christians wherever they go, but also that serving the Lord can be a blast!

Our Team:

Our teen leaders have literally decades of experience working with teenagers and a burning passion to see them give their hearts to God. You will not find a group of adults who love teens more and are as dedicated to helping them live for Christ.

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